• To help the community in health care by Mobile Clinic services, serving the poor in interior villages along with Health Awareness Programme, Screnning of disease , treatment and medicine distribution.
  • To promote health centre and day-care centre for the needy and destitute people, to promote old age home, to promote vocational and skill development training institute, counseling centre for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, to promote disabilities centre deaf and dumb and for orthopedically handicapped, to promote family counseling centres, short stay home, working women hostel, school for street children, rural sports club.
  • To organize blood donation camps, to encourage public for organ donation, steps for population control policy in collaboration with Government Institution.
  • To carry out emergency medical relief work i.e., at the time of natural calamities like- Flood, Earthquake, Drought, etc., and also to get associated with disaster management programme.
  • To work for Women Empowerment, Child Sex Ratio under proper implementation of PC-PNDT Act. 1994, to promote girl child and women education, to promote RCH programmes, and also work for Socio-Economic upliftment of women and women rights.
  • To eliminate Child labour, Child trafficking and Child abuse and focus on the education and re-settlement of the deprived children.
  • To take various child welfare programmes related to health, Yoga programmes, Craft training and others skill development programmes, awareness on Drug abuse.
  • To organize Public meetings, seminars, CME programmes, Workshops, to promote IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials and training programmes on Health related issues, RTI (Right to Information Act), Corruption, Environmental issues, Disaster management issues, Women and Child Rights issues, Alcohol and Drug Abuse issues, Consumer rights issues, Life, Health and Property insurance issues and other important scientific issues.
  • To organize fund raising programmes such as- minimum services charges would be impose for various types of services, fund raising by holding fund fare, book fare, charity show, cultural show, theature show and also by selling handicraft and other newly designed products, books, etc. and also by taking loans from individuals and Banks and which would be utilized in micro credit system and also would be self utilized for other Income generating purpose by COSEHDA.
  • To conduct Environmental studies and to work for promotion of forestry and to organize awareness programmes on the issues of balanced Eco-System, to work for promotion for fishery, animal husbandry and veterinary sector, for the promotion of low cost nursery technique, promotion of Bio-Gas based power generation programmes, Solar Energy generation programme.
  • Rain water harvesting programme, promotion of organic farming, cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plant.
  • To promote cold storage of horticulture products, setting up of a food processing training centre and modernization and upgradation food processing industries and development of cottage industries.
  • To work for establishment of computer application programme, public library services promotion of Tribal art and culture, work for literacy mission.

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