Diet Menu Chart

Peace Senior Citizen Home, Nalbari District

Project run by Committee On Socio Economic and Health Development Assam (COSEHDA)

Sl No Time Items
1 6:00am Tea and Biscuit
2 9:00am Breakfast (Rooti-Sabji/ Sira/ Bread-egg etc.)
3 11.30am Seasonal fruits/ tea& snacks
4 1.30pm Lunch (Rice, Dal,Rooti,Seasonal vegetables curry, salad/pickle/ non-veg thrice a week)
5 5.30pm Tea &Snacks
6 9.00pm Dinner (Rice, dal, Sabji, salad, fish/paneer twice a week etc.)

Diet Menu Gallery

Breakfast- Tea


Dinning Hall

Dinning Hall


Lunch (non-veg)

Lunch (veg)