COSEHDA is determined to achieve a drug free society to harness the maximum productivity of the youth of this part of the country. Keeping in view the subtle dynamics of drug abuse, we, at COSEHDA believe that the drug menace has to be dealt through primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. We are committed to creating awareness in the society by increasing the knowledge about the drug problem among the public by arranging various camps with the help of local NGOs and local administration/ law enforcement agencies of urban and rural areas. Interactive programmes are also organised with parents, school/ college teachers and principals to sensitise them and to develop skills in them to reach out to vulnerable youth. Our team has also been painstakingly targeting hot spot areas and aggressive campaigning has been done by the field workers from door to door creating awareness and dispersing the knowledge against drug abuse. Even during the Covid-19 Pandemic, COSEHDA has dedicatedly kept its promise to fight this menace by spreading the knowledge and awareness through modern technologies like social media, films, TV and radio programmes. COSEHDA is committed to Capacity building i.e. training of the local NGOs, functionaries of different private rehabilitation centres and integrated rehabilitation centres for addicts (IRCAs), social workers etc of this part of the country. We are also committed to work for the marginalised sections of the society particularly the young children as they are vulnerable to fall prey to drugs and other substance abuse. We are particularly concerned about increasing use of inhalants and other substance abuse among the street children. COSEHDA has also been trying to reach out and identify, treat and rehabilitate the young early adolescent users of substance and drug abuse through the ODIC programme as it is fully committed to its goal of preventing the initiation of drug abuse among the youth. However COSEHDA is also duty bound for whole person recovery of the repeated drug users by treatment and detoxification through medicines, individual and group counselling, aftercare, rehabilitation followed by family counselling in integrated rehabilitation centre (IRCA). We also believe in involving the recovering addicts in Community Peer Led Interventions (CPLIs) to disseminate the knowledge of ill effects of drug abuse among the drug users and to motivate them to return to mainstream society. We are also involved in continuous research and studies to gather scientific evidence on drug use pattern and relevant areas. COSEHDA has been a part of the National Survey on Extent and Pattern of Substance Use in India, 2019 conducted by MoSJE in collaboration with the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi. Being the State Linked Co-ordinating Agency for the states of Assam and Meghalaya for drug abuse prevention schemes under MoSJE, Govt. of India, COSEHDA is also looking forward to carry out extensive study on the drug problem of these states.